Honesty, Safety, Healthiness & Delicacy

"Bread is the staff of live." Chinese cooking not only emphasizes the color, smell,and taste of food, but also focuses on the honesty, safety, healthiness, and delicacy of the cooked meals that we eat. This is why HaoPinWei is able to maintain the level of quality in our products since the very beginning.


HaoPinWei's motto of "Honesty, Care, Innovate, Service" is our guideline in aiming for perfection in quality control,making fine sauces, high quality and tasty products, as well as building a good brand name.



Let consumers enjoy healthy and delicious sauces, and develop infinite vitality seasoning products under the expectation of quality. The whole plant uses automation equipment to control raw material procurement and production management processes, and recruits outstanding technical talents to ensure quality control and ensure product safety and hygiene. Modern people pursue healthy diets, and they also care about the quality of sauces.